Swiss Ski + Snowboard School Arosa

Skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing takes place outside in the fresh air. Already, this alone reduces the risk of infection. Snow sports with its „magic moments“ not only makes us happy, but also strengthens our body and mind in a great social environment. Even in Covid-19 times, we will certainly be able to safely pursue our passion for snow sports by following simple rules of behaviour.

Containing and fighting Covid-19 is from high importance for the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Arosa. In order to guarantee the health of our guests and employees, we follow strictly the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) and our umbrella organization Swiss Snowsports. The processes and rules of the concept are clear, comprehensible and define the most common procedures in the snow sports school.

We thank you in advance for your understanding during the implementation.

General guidelines

The currently valid regulations of the BAG ( and the Canton Grison ( as well as the recommendations of Swiss Snowsports (, the BASPO and Swiss Olympic.

The operational protection concept is continuously adapted to the current situation.

Guests with symptoms of illness

Guests with symptoms of illness are not allowed to take part in the lessons. Please inform the ski instructor or one of our sales points immediately.

Stay at home and follow the instructions of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health regarding medical consultation, quarantine or isolation.

As a result of Covid-19, you will be entitled to a refund of the lessons with a valid medical certificate from a local doctor from the following day. 

Contact details of guests

The Swiss Ski + Snowboard School Arosa and its employees are obliged to record the contact details of all guests as follows:

Name, First name, telephone number, e-mail.

Guests are advised that upon request the data must be forwarded to the cantonal authorities.

Staff of the Swiss Ski + Snowboard School Arosa

All snow sports instructors and employees are trained and sensitized regarding the protection concept. They are encouraged to use the federal government's Covid tracing app.

Our snow sports instructors confirm us through a permanent health check that they do not show any symptoms of illness. Instructors with symptoms of illness are not allowed to participate in lessons. They immediately inform the office, stay at home and follow the instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health regarding doctor's consultation, quarantine or isolation.

For personal protection, our employees carry with them disinfectants for hand hygiene and mouth/nose protection.


Contact surfaces and aids in the entire ski school area are regularly disinfected.

Lifts and conveyor belts

The SSSA implements the protection concepts of the Arosa mountain railways in all outdoor facilities. All ski lifts and conveyor belts are only be used by guests of the Swiss Ski School and only when accompanied by a snow sports instructor. Masks are compulsory from the age of 12 and we avoid mass accumulation.

Protection concept of the other tourist enterprises

We respect the protection concepts of the other tourist businesses in the region, such as mountain railroads, hotels, restaurants and sports stores.


We recommend that you make bookings online through our online store, by e-mail or by phone in order to keep contact in our sales point at a minimum. Cashless payment is desired.

In all interior rooms and all assembly points of the SSSA is a mask wear obligation. In the sales area the number of customers is limited and markings on the floor regulate the distance. At the entrance area disinfectant is available.

The sales desks are separated from the sales area by a glass construction. The offices are regularly ventilated and cleaned. The employees disinfect and wash their hands regularly.
The current version of the poster "This is how we protect ourselves" is clearly displayed.


Private lessons

Your snow sports instructor will be happy to welcome you in front of the sales point/hotel or at the agreed meeting point.

Your ski instructor wears a mouth/nose protection. If the minimum distance cannot be kept, our snow sports instructors are obliged to wear a mouth/nose protection.

The regulations of the respective protection concept of the mountain railroads as well as the requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) apply to transport facilities. In closed gondola lifts a strict mouth/nose protection is mandatory.

Our snow sports instructors use chair lifts and ski lifts whenever possible.

Should the snow sport teacher show suspicious COVID-19 symptoms, he/she is not going to be allowed to work. The guest will be assigned another instructor.

Group lessons

If the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained, the ski instructor is obliged to wear a mask. On all transport facilities and in all waiting areas the wearing of a mouth/nose protection is mandatory from the age of 12. However, we recommend all participants to wear a mouth/nose protection.

Guests are requested to have only one parent accompany their children to the lessons. There are spectator zones marked for the parents. The individual assembly points of the classes are generously defined, marked and divided by level. Due to the division of the assembly points, the individual groups are not mixed and attention is paid to a time staggering of common activities. This means that the individual groups are always looked after autonomously, even during breaks, children's ski races, etc. Drinking cups and food may not be shared. Our ski instructors use chair lifts and ski lifts in the fresh air whenever possible to minimize the risk of infection.

The prize distribution of the children's classes is done centrally after the races class by class. The medals will be handed over with gloves.

Should the snow sport teacher show suspicious COVID-19 symptoms, he/she is not going to be allowed to work. The group will be assigned another instructor without prior notice.


The Swiss Ski + Snowboard School Arosa has defined a professional team which deals with the current situation and is available for all questions regarding COVID-19. It is responsible for the implementation of the operational protection concept, adapts continuously to the current situation and initiates any relaxation or tightening of the measures.

The COVID-19 technical team is responsible for the communication of all COVID-19 related messages. The COVID-19 subject team SSSA.

Noldi Heiz, Director
Livia Künzi, Head of Sales & Marketing