Ski School Season Ticket

Not just one visit to Arosa, but you keep returning? Or you live in Arosa and would like to spend many hours on the slopes? Then the season ticket makes sense. It lets you visit the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Arosa as often as you wish.

Prices season ticket

if paid by 31 October (10% discount)
if paid by 30 November (5% discount)

1 day
Season ticket locals 540.00 CHF
Season ticket for 2-3 local children 510.00 CHF
Season ticket for 4 local children 480.00 CHF
1 day
Season ticket out-of-town 930.00 CHF
Season ticket for 2 to 3 out-of-town children 880.00 CHF
Season ticket for 4 out-of-town children 830.00 CHF
  • The season ticket is not transferable and cannot be used with private lessons .
  • If there are fewer than four children per group, the snow sports school reserves the right to combine groups or to reduce lesson time.
  • The mountain railway tickets must be booked separately for the lesson.

Information on COVID-19

The rules on the SSSA season ticket are as follows:

  • In the event that we are unable to start the winter season, the entire sum will be refunded.

  • If there is a lock-down in the winter season, the lessons already taken will be charged to the season ticket. Thus, depending on the process, a credit note may be available.