This collection of frequently asked questions is based on the experience of our office staff and of course makes no claim to be complete. The answers should not be regarded as "general answers" - based on the situation and on the guest a different answer could be the right answer too. We still believe however, that this list of FAQ can be very useful.
We are of course always at your disposal for a personal meeting.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We also accept cash, Maestro/Master/Visa/Postcard/American Express and Reka-Card.

Can our children join the same group?

Grouping of children is mainly based on the skiing skills, the age and the language of children. If your children or your friend's children are at the same skill level, please inform the instructor on the first day, and we will try our best to put them into the same group! If the children are not at the same skill level, the child who skis better would have to join a lower skill group to meet the requirements of the weaker child!

Do beginners need a ski pass?

No. Once you need a ski pass the snow sports instructor or our sales office will inform you about the best option.

Is the price different if I book 3 course days, but at the end decide to book another 2 or 3 days?

Yes! From a course duration of 3 days / lessons it is possible to book an extension day / lesson at a reduced rate!

Do I have to book the complete (5) 6 course days or can I book less days?

The programme in the group courses is based on a duration of 5 days, and there is also a ski race with a great programme especially towards the weekends. It therefore makes sense to book the entire (5) 6 course days. It is however also possible to book less days!

How does the group assignment occur?

Group assignment occurs based on the guidelines of the Swiss Snow League. In order to understand the process better, you can watch a film on group assignment on our website. If the assigned group should not seem to be appropriate, you can of course change the group any time. Please talk to the group instructor and he will organise the change to another group.

Is it possible for adults and children to book a course at the same time?

Yes, grouping of course participants occurs beside each other at our meeting points. All courses end at the meeting point and children will be looked after until they are picked up by the parents.

Will I get my money back if the children don't like the course?

In general, the money is only refunded upon presentation of a doctor's certificate (illness, injury). We have however several offers (trial pass, extension day, ...) in order to reduce the "risk" as much as possible!

Can I join a course during the week?

In general grouping is done on Sunday and Monday. Advanced skiers can however always join an existing course during the week.

Should I not like the course, can I change into another course (for example from snowboard to ski course)?

This is of course no problem. Please inform our office staff and you will be registered for another course.

How early should I book a private ski instructor?

In general the earlier, the better! Reservation cannot only be done in our offices, but also by phone, fax or in the Online Shop!

What age do children have to be to be eligible to start a ski course?

They have to be four years old. We offer trial courses for children from 3 to 4 years. We recommend a minimum age of 7 for snowboard courses. Children can be younger if they book a private lesson.

Is it possible to book lunch care for single days only?

Yes, simply book lunch care one day ahead in our office, but at the latest on the same day by 9.40 a.m.!

What is the difference between a trial course and a normal group course?

The trial course is an introduction to snow sports and is dedicated to children under the age of 4. The lesson is shorter than regular group courses (1.5 hours). Furthermore, parents should participate together with their child.

Do the course days have to be booked on consecutive days?

The days should be consecutive, since the groups develop very quickly and learn something new every day. If you don't participate every day you might stay behind your group and you might have to swap group. The best thing is to speak to your instructor.

Is pre-booking required for group courses?

Normally there is plenty of space in the group courses. However, in February some courses might be fully booked very quickly. We therefore recommend booking the course online in our Online Shop. In this way the registration process in the Ski School office is much faster.

Is it possible to join a group course for one day only?

Basically yes. We recommend however to make a course of several days in order to have the ideal learning outcome. The programme of group courses is based on the duration of one week. Especially beginners should book at least three to five days or half days in order to get a certain basic level of safety on the equipment.

Is the ski pass included in the ski course?

The use of the lift facility on the exercise slope is included in the course rate. For all other courses the ski pass has to be purchased separately. Children under the age of 6 (depending on their birthday) receive a free ski pass.


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